Can I Make Money Renting My RV?

How Much Can I Make? Get Lucky!

You Can Make $50,000 This Summer Renting Your RV
Pay Off Your RV in 1 year. We have the Best RV Reservation Management System on the Web.

Important Questions to ASK!

Is it Safe? We have been renting RV's for over 8 years. We've had only good experiences with it.

Can I Get Insurance? We have links to several insurance companies that specialize in commercial rental insurance. There are other companies like ours offering a "Generic Insurance" but we don't recommend using it. Several of our members have been hurt using their services because they had claims that weren't paid. We've had 2 claims with our insurance and they went through without a "hitch"

What does it cost to use Others are charging as much as 35%. We charge between 4.5 and 9%.

How much can I make?

20' Travel trailers can make $79-$150/nite or $10-$15K a year.

Class C Motorhome can make $150-$250/nite or $20-$30K.

Class A Motorhome can make $200-$1200/nite or $30-$75K

Can I Screen the Renters? Yes. You'll be sent an email with all the details of a rental You can call the renter and talk to them and determine if you want to rent to them.

How old will the renters be? Renters must be 25 years old for most insurance requirements.

Can I Talk to the Renters? Your phone and email are listed on your RV rental listings. They can call you. And you can call and talk to the renters before you agree to rent your RV.

Can I Use My RV When I Want? Yes you can. Just block out the dates on your calendar that you want.

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