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How to Rent a Travel Trailer

22' Bumper Pull Travel Trailer

Using a trailer for camping can be the funnest thing in the world. You can go to campgrounds with hookups or you can go to the wilderness. Most modern trailers come with all the comforts of home including A/C (air conditioning), heat, hot water, full bathrooms with showers and tubs, full kitchens with refridgerators, stoves, ovens, sinks and more. And most of the appliances are automatic ignition.

NUMBER OF TRAVELERS/SLEEPING ACCOMODATIONS: One of the most important things to look for is a 'made up bed' or 'stay down' bed. This is a bed that doesn't need to be converted into a bed. Most travel trailers are designed with dinets and sofas that convert to beds as well. They will also have cabinettes that fold down into bunks for kids.

TRAVELING DISTANCE: Most of the listings on have maximum distances that the owner wants his/her travel trailer to go. The reason for this may vary by owner but many will have unlimited maximum distance. There will be NO mileage charge for a travel trailer. There is NO odometer so there is no way of determining the mileage used on a trailer.

MECHANICAL ROAD WORTHINESS: If you are going to New York from California, you might want to let the owner know so they can have the bearings packed or new tires installed. Other wise you just want to inspect the trailer and make sure it looks like it won't fall apart on the highway. Always avoid rough roads, dirt roads and anything off the highway.

KITCHEN FACILITIES: If it's a factory trailer it's going to have everything you'll need to cook and keep food fresh. Additional options can include: ice makers, microwaves, coffee makers, etc.

BATHROOM FACILITIES: Many people worry there will be enough water pressure, hot water or water for a shower. Modern technology has made taking a shower in a trailer as nice as in your house. Pumps will give you more than enough pressure, a six gallon hot water heater is more than enough hot water and it'll get hot enough to burn you in 15 minutes. As far as water capacity, the minimum you'll find in a trailer is 40 gallons. And depending on how many people you have this much water could last for days.

INSURANCE: Many listing for trailers on will include insurance. This means, if you total it (God forbid) you'll only lose your deposit. You will probably be chaged for minor damage ie: broken doors, windows, etc.

What To Pack

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