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Frequently Asked Questions about our service

  1. How does it all work? is a platform where renters can connect with privately owned recreational vehicles available for rent. If you are an owner that wants to earn extra income by listing your RV, click here get started today! For those interested in renting privately owned Motorhomes and Travel Trailers, search the listings for the RV that is just right for your travel needs.

  2. Do I need a special license to drive a Motorhome/RV?

    No, you'll need a valid license from your state or an international Drivers license if you live outside the USA.

  3. Do I Need insurance?

    Many owners provide insurance and some require you to provide an insurance rider/binder.

  4. What size motorhome do I need?

    The maximum occupancy of a motorhome is determined by the number of seats with seatbelts. This does not mean it will sleep that many people. Every listing will list the number of seat with seat belts and the number it will sleep.

  5. How do I find out about prices?

    Rates are determined by the owner, and can be seen on the search results page. Your Use the Advanced Search to narrow the results.

  6. Waht are the minimum number of days I can rent for?

    Each listing will note the Rental Minimum.

  7. What about miles used?

    With many units the first 100 miles a night are included in the nightly rate. Additional mileage charges are at the owner's discretion. These charges will also be listed with the listing.

  8. Is a deposit required?

    Yes, there is a reservation deposit of 25% of the total estimated rental. The balance is due before the rental term begins.

  9. Are there additional costs to consider?

    Yes. There may be other costs related to cleaning or damage if the renters have caused damage. Fuel and propane tanks are provided full and must be returned full. Upon return, there may be costs above the estimated rental fee calculation including but not limited to excess generator hours and mileage in excess of 100 miles a day.

  10. Are Motorhomes hard to drive?

    No, they're just a little different. Motorhomes are longer than passenger vehicles. It's very important to keep this in mind when changing lanes and making turns. It's a good idea to think ahead before going down a narrow road you might not be able to turn around on. And a motorhome is taller than anormal vehicle. You must watch overhead clearrances.

  11. What about gas mileage?

    UYou can expect between 7 and 12 mpg for class A to class C rigs..

  12. What happens if the vehicle breaks down during the trip?

    All units come with roadside assistance. Contact the owner if you're not sure.

  13. What are the pick-up and drop-off times?

    Each owner dertermines this time and will be noted on the listing.

  14. Will there be a refund for early returns?

    No. If you have reserved the unit for 4 days then the owner will not be able to rent it out during your reservation.

  15. Are there late fee's for a late return?

    Yes. In most cases the unit will be rented out after you use it. Returning it late could jeopardize the next reservation.

  16. WDo I need to dump the holding tanks?

    Yes. Dump facilities are clearly marked at RV Parks, gas stations and truck stops. The owner will show you how to dump and fill with fresh water.

  17. Can I tow with a motorhome?

    Yes and no, the listing will note towing restrictions.

  18. Are pets and smoking allowed?

    Consult the owner and be aware that there may be considerable cleaning fees if terms are not followed.

  19. Is travel to Mexico or Canada OK?

    For the most part the answer is no, due to legal and insurance issues. However, it is ultimately up to the owner concerning any restrictions on the rental of their unit.

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